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Intelixseo helps you grow your value per customer, providing you with the tools and strategies to dominate your market while controlling cost.


Our mission is to help you understand your marketing metrics to make an informed decision. We offer a logical approach by using data, metrics, analytic tools, and processes.

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If you are serious about getting the most traffic to your website then it is necessary to add video marketing to your marketing plan. Intelixseo offers video marketing services.

SEO & Internet Marketing

We know how to get companies found on the internet utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes which has been proven to be an effective tool in achieving a number of important marketing objectives.


Social media marketing can be a very powerful way to build your online presence, connect with your customers, and get new customers to come to your website.

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Learn How Social Media Can Help Bring In New Customers & Increase Brand Awareness

We Identify customers who have demonstrated a high degree of interest in your services/products as a result of our 3-step program.

Our 3 Step Program:

• Awareness – finding and defining your audience on social media (expand)
• Validation – shaping what that audience is looking for through test offers and confirmed through surveys
• Conversion – driving your audience to take action and interact with your business

Intelixseo Digital Marketing Also Includes:

1. Sales/Conversion Funnels
2. Content Marketing
3. Customer Acquisition
4. Email Marketing
5. Social & Community Management
6. Search Marketing
7. Marketing Analytics
8. Testing and Optimization

We develop and implement processes and procedures that drive clients through your doors. Our processes are measurable and provide you with insight; showing all social media activity and how to best connect with your customers as well as how to craft the message they want to hear. Contact us today!

Your Market

We find the interest that are most important in a company’s market. Then We find and define the demographics of who is in your market.

Your Competition

We identify the competitor’s website traffic, and what they are looking for, where they spend their time, and when they will be most likely to visit your website. We then find out what’s being talked about, and what is being shared on social networks, and what the top social sites for the shares are.


We see what ads are running, where and how long they have been running, so that you can have a better chance at being successful. We then also use SEO to help get your website ranked.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Provide SEO and Analytic Reports
Landing Pages
Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Video ranking
Press Releases
Private Blog Networks (PBN)
Increase Traffic
Assist With Conversion Rates

Intelixseo Offers Custom Marketing Strategies

What Intelixseo Offers

Internet Marketing

Intelixseo Services:

1. Digital Marketing Analysis
2. Video Marketing
3. SEO Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Marketing & SEO Plans
6. Website Development
7. Mobile App Development

Email: Info@intelixseo.com
Or call us today: (855)552-8718

Intelixseo Offers Two Primary Services: Increasing Sales Through Internet Marketing and Mobile Apps

Internet Marketing Strategies:

1. Get Your Website Ranked: If you are interested in increasing sales on your website or promoting your products online, we put together a custom plan specifically for you based on your needs. This cost is dependent on how many hours it takes to produce the plan. Intelixseo provides Video Marketing, press releases, set up landing pages, and create blog sites and post articles to them that specifically promote your products on a monthly basis online. We can set up a package that fits your goals. Have you seen the Powerful Video Marketing Statistics? Do you know how important it is to your company? Let us help you increase your sales!

Mobile Apps:

2. We create mobile apps for businesses. We also create the control panel that allows you to see all your mobile app downloads/customers allowing you to communicate with customers in real time, i.e send notifications, events, emails, and add/update product (with pictures).

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SEO Strategy


Intelixseo has expertise in Online Internet Marketing, SEO strategies, video production services, and SEO processes to get your company known nationally.

Let us know by how much you want to increase your sales, and we will create an Internet Marketing Strategy specifically for you. Contact intelixseo.com today about our Mobile & Website maintenance plan. Once your goals are defined, we will create an online marketing strategy and present a plan to you, and how many hours we suggest. Our professional staff is here to work for you.

If you are interested in our services to promote your website or products, we can create a custom Internet Marketing Plan specifically for you based on your needs. This cost is dependent on how many hours it takes to produce the plan. We create promotional videos, press releases, set up landing pages, and create blog sites and post articles to them that specifically promote your products on a monthly basis online. We can set up a package that fits your goals.

Intelixseo Offers Custom Internet & Social Media Marketing Packages Contact Us


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