Digital Marketing Analysis

Intelixseo is an online internet company who uses digital marketing
to get companies ranked – otherwise known as – found on the

internet. They take advantage of the up-to-date tools available in social
media to market a company’s business, giving them insight into their
competitors and how they have a presence on the internet. By analyzing the
statistics from the data, Intelixseo helps companies drive business to their
website to build upon their business. Knowing what customers are looking at
online and shopping for, allows a company to target their customers
specifically in their business market.

Breaking down the Digital Marketing Analysis

Understanding the key points and how to utilize digital marketing analysis
for a company, is vital to apply so they can be found and known on the
internet. Intelixseo likes to breakdown and simplify the marketing analysis
into seven key areas and work with their customers to achieve the success
they are looking for in getting new customers.

Key Points to Know When Implementing Internet Marketing

There are key points for companies to know and understand on how to utilize
their digital marketing, when trying to identify how to grow their business.
These are the seven key areas Intelixseo focuses on when working with a

1. Interest
2. Demographics
3. Competition
4. Social
5. Discovery
6. Advertising
7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Audience Interest

The first important step is to understand what the company’s
customers are interested in. Through analytics, Intelixseo can find the
interest that are most important in a company’s market.

Audience Demographics

Those interests are then researched further to drill down and
find, and define the demographics searching for those interests. Knowing
the exact demographics on who is in a company’s market is a key factor to

Market Competition

These are people searching on a competitor’s website, known as
website traffic. Through analysis, Intelixseo looks for where these
customers spend their time and when they will be most likely to visit a

Social Conversation

Based on what a customer is searching and looking at on websites,
Intelixseo can take those searches and find out what is being talked about,
what is being shared on all the social network sites such as Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and what the top social sites for
the shares are. This is important because social sites are very popular and
this indicates what people are socially talking about.

Competition Discovery

This is part of the social interest. Intelixseo uncovers what
is being done with a company’s competition and finds out what people are
searching for to find their business.

What Others Are Advertising

Intelixseo checks to see what ads are running where and how
profitable they are for a company. Understanding ad placement and who to
target is important because it helps to identify where customers are
looking, which in turn, gives a company a better chance at being successful.

Intelixseo Has SEO Expertise

With all the items above combined, SEO is part of any good marketing
plan for a company. If SEO is done properly, a company’s website will get
ranked (found) on the website search engines. Being ranked on search
engines is what allows a company to be listed on the first pages of the

This complete analysis is to help companies understand their competition
audience, what campaign ads work, and how to save money in their marketing.
Contact Intelixseo, and let them help you with your digital marketing.


About Bonnie

Bonnie Jo is a Media Content Manager with intelixseo, managing intelixseo’s blog, search, and social media departments. She works directly with Presidents, CEOs, COOs, to Marketing Directors, to align company marketing initiatives, material and scheduling into a seamless course of events. She likes to bring awareness for companies by identifying marketing needs, and then proposing new ways to leverage digital and social media tools. Bonnie Jo also enjoys traveling with her husband, exploring the country and learning and sharing new experiences. She has a Master Degree in Business (MBA), and worked with IBM for over 20-years managing diverse groups and customers.


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