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Intelixseo Recommends Video Marketing Solutions

Video marketing is seen as an emerging market within the present-day internet marketing strategies, that is a key reason why Intelixseo is set to give their customers integrated video marketing approaches, coupled with combining it into their standard internet marketing strategies. This approach is to provide more opportunities for a company to get known on the internet.

Intelixseo envisions providing more ways for companies to show what products, services, or opportunities they can offer their customers online. This approach stemmed from what Intelixseo discovered when working with many of their customers, and what their customers told them. They found that some other marketing company’s current internet marketing solutions their customers were given did not provide them the functionality or flexibility the needed to tell their story. One customer told Intelixseo that they had no idea they could make a video and use it as a way to get them found on the internet.

Using Intelixseo’s video marketing strategies, customers can have Intelixseo record a video of whatever features the customer needs to tell their story. The short videos of the customer’s products, services, business or what they want their customers to know about them, Intelixseo is able to take the information and populate it on the internet. This form of marketing allows Intelixseo to easily give the company a larger than life presence on the internet.

With today’s internet marketing becoming more and more complex and dynamic, it is very important to utilize all of the different marketing sources that give a company a boost in the search engines. The website search engine design is truly a multifaceted and complex field. But with the knowledge, toolkits, and transcending technologies hitting the market constantly, Intelixseo makes it their priority to give their customers the latest technology, which gives them a competitive edge. Intelixseo’s visual marketing solutions are beyond doubt an innovative approach to internet marketing, utilizing search engines and their algorithms.

Effective Videos

For a video to be effective, they do not need to be long and drawn out, they only need to be 30-60 seconds in length, simple, informative, and effective with focus on keyword targeting. The shorter they are the more engaged the viewer will be, and the possibility of them staying engaged to the end of the video is good. One of the best reasons for using video marketing is it will be conversational with all customers. This is key because it allows the company to publish a video about the company and what they are known for on a public video search engine forum. If the company has social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, the videos should also be posted on their social sites and used as a way for the company to be interactive with their customers. Since social media is an ever-growing culture, this form of exposure is a great way for the company to take advantage of this kind of self-independent marketing and use the platform to propel their company into larger markets, or with bigger audiences.

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Bonnie Jo is a Media Content Manager with intelixseo, managing intelixseo’s blog, search, and social media departments. She works directly with Presidents, CEOs, COOs, to Marketing Directors, to align company marketing initiatives, material and scheduling into a seamless course of events. She likes to bring awareness for companies by identifying marketing needs, and then proposing new ways to leverage digital and social media tools. Bonnie Jo also enjoys traveling with her husband, exploring the country and learning and sharing new experiences. She has a Master Degree in Business (MBA), and worked with IBM for over 20-years managing diverse groups and customers.


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