At Last, The Secret To A Solid Marketing Plan Is Revealed

Why should you care about a Marketing plan?

If you don’t…

…it will cause you to lose out on additional customers.

Or worse yet, not showing YOUR VALUE in your market!

And how do you measure that value?

With data.

At Intelixseo we measure data from every angle of your sales funnel – we start with collecting data on your audience and your competition online and finish by creating trackable metrics for every stage of your sales funnel.

There are 4 very important reasons why you want to have a solid Marketing Plan:

  • Expertise to understand your market/audience
  • Ability to track/measure your results
  • Knowledge to have a plan to improve results
  • Implementation of knowledge to create a Return Path to keep customers coming back

By having a plan, these 4 areas help you make sure your customers clearly know the value your company, products, or services brings to them.

Website New VisitorsHow will they know your value?

By speaking to the conversation they are having before even finding your products or services.

You answer the question that your customer is trying to find an answer to, and is valuable and specific with them.

Then it’s time to offer a solution to your market and create a metrics to measure it all.  Having metrics is the only way to determine if there’s a loss or gain on your ROI.

Offer them answers with your products or services, and get them to become a repeat customer.

Continual engagement in your customer’s conversation builds trust…

… and once they trust you –  they will keep coming back for more answers and services.

To be complete, your Marketing Plan must have:

  • a good statement about your company’s value about your product or service– (Statement of Value)
  • what you (as a company) do for your customers
  • a clear call to action for them

First, you must have a strong STATEMENT OF VALUE that explains your offer.

With a strong marketing plan, you know exactly what offer to make them that will ADD VALUE and the message to use to get them to respond.

How do you come up with a statement of value?

By simply running through these questions:

  • What is a client’s life like before they purchase your product or service?
  • What do they have currently that they’re looking to replace?
  • How do they feel?
  • What’s their average day like?
  • What is their status?

If you can easily answer these questions and show potential customers how you fit into this equation, you will have more leads than you can possibly handle.

Creating A Marketing PlanNext, what sets you apart as a company?  Everyone says they care about the customer, but is there an example of how you can show you care?

Is there a phone number where you can always be reached?

What about posting your cell number?

If you want to stand out, you have to think differently than your competition.

Finally, now that you have their information, you know they are interested in what you have.

Now maximize it…

…by driving your audience to take a clear call to action.

By offering value statements at the beginning of your Marketing Plan, all of these interactions and conversations help you build authority and trust with customers – which leads to more customers.

So…in summary…

…know your market, know what conversations are taking place, and then make a valuable offer.

Then improve upon the results.


Get it today and start growing your customer base.


About Bonnie

Bonnie Jo is a Media Content Manager with intelixseo, managing intelixseo’s blog, search, and social media departments. She works directly with Presidents, CEOs, COOs, to Marketing Directors, to align company marketing initiatives, material and scheduling into a seamless course of events. She likes to bring awareness for companies by identifying marketing needs, and then proposing new ways to leverage digital and social media tools. Bonnie Jo also enjoys traveling with her husband, exploring the country and learning and sharing new experiences. She has a Master Degree in Business (MBA), and worked with IBM for over 20-years managing diverse groups and customers.


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