Intelixseo offers Internet Marketing Strategies using Digital Marketing Analysis, Website Development, SEO, Video Marketing, Blogs, Landing Pages, Press Releases, Mobile Apps, and Social Media Strategies/Marketing. We have custom packages that are affordable.

SEO (Social Engagement Optimization) has proven to be an effective tool in achieving a number of important marketing objectives. SEO can have a dramatic effect on the traffic that you draw to your website. SEO primary focus is to increase web traffic and lead generation. Every SEO plan should clearly define the SEO objectives and have a clear path to get it done. Let us help you create a SEO strategy and increase your growth potential.

Intelixseo Services

Digital Marketing Analysis
Sales Funnels
Video Marketing
SEO Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Marketing & SEO Plans
Website Development
Mobile App Development


Dan & Bonnie Jo Komo are Business Owners of Intelixseo LLC and desire to help the next 100 years be as good as the last. Their goal is to help companies be as successful as they can be and reach as many customers as possible. Over the past few years they have created a process to market businesses on the internet, and that process is currently used to benefit businesses around the U.S.

Bonnie & Dan enjoy traveling around the Country learning and sharing different experiences.

Intelixseo Markets:


Healthcare Industry


Collegiate Sports

    • Golfing
    • Football

Real Estate

    • Rental Property
    • Mobile Home Manufacturer/Sells
Hair Salon
Tattoo Artists
Automotive Industry
Diamond Manufacturer
Financing Companies
Canvas Printing
Ammunition Manufacturer
Vacation Homes
Beauty Supplies
Essential Oils

Certifications The Team Of Intelixseo Holds

Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialists are uniquely qualified to help businesses architect a “conversion funnel” that reduces initial customer acquisition costs, while simultaneously increasing both immediate and lifetime customer values. In short, while most businesses have some sort of “funnel” for on-boarding leads and converting those leads into customers, Customer Value Optimization Specialists are able to plug the “leaks” and deliver a truly OPTIMIZED conversion funnel that lowers costs and increases sales.

Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Certified Content Marketing Specialists

Certified Content Marketing Specialists are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses develop and execute a sustainable content marketing program. They are trained to create and measure engaging content at every stage of the marketing funnel, as well as leveraging organic and paid traffic to leverage content across the social web.

Certified Content Marketing Specialists

Certified Analytics & Data Specialists

Certified Analytics & Data Specialists have the necessary skills to track and analyze the metrics that matter to businesses at all stages, from content marketing and paid traffic strategies to website and funnel performance. They also learn the analytical skills necessary to turn data into action, helping businesses get more leads and sales. In short, Analytics & Data specialists are able to make marketing decisions based on meaningful data, not hopeful hunches.

Certified Analytics & Data Specialists

Certified Social & Community Managers

Social & Community Managers are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. In short, a certified Social & Community Manager is capable of leveraging all four stages of social media success: Social Listening, Social Influencing, Social Networking and Social Selling.

Social & Community Managers

Ecommerce Marketing Specialists

Ecommerce Marketing Specialists are uniquely qualified to help businesses optimize any e-commerce store, in any industry, to generate more sales and profit. From e-commerce store design and architecture to email marketing and traffic generation, this masterclass contains everything needed to compete in today’s e-commerce landscape.

Ecommerce Marketing Specialists

Customer Acquisition Specialists

Customer Acquisition Specialists are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such as Google, Facebook and other demand-gen platforms to grow their customer base without breaking the bank. In short, Customer Acquisition Specialists are able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers …they are able to deliver those leads and customers at a PROFIT.


Certified Email Marketing Specialist

Certified Email Marketing Specialists are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage email marketing and followup to indoctrinate, create relationships with and convert prospects and existing customers. In short, Email Marketing Specialists are able to not only effectively follow up with fresh leads and customers …they know how to craft email campaigns that get delivered, get opened, and most importantly…get clicked.


Dan Komo

Partner / CEO

I enjoy getting businesses known through internet marketing, ranking their websites, creating videos, and developing mobile app solutions. I have years of experience in Information Technology, as well as being a business owner. My biggest strength is acting as a liaison between technical staff and non technical managers. I like to identify problems and create solutions. My Goal is to help business leaders recognize the talent within their existing team, assist in asking the right questions that leads to the overall strategic goals, recognizing innovation, and help the business achieve success. I am very motivated to become the best that I can be, and be a strong asset to any business. I enjoy working with those who want to become better at what they do.

Bonnie Komo

Partner / Managing Director

I enjoy researching and learning about new businesses in order to write about them and their products or services and promote their business through internet and social marketing, and blogging. I have over 20-years experience working with IBM in many areas of the business and working with large clients and with diverse people and cultures. My biggest strength is flexibility and ready to take on new responsibilities. I also listen to what people like and need, and work with them to achieve their goals. I am able to work and get along with anyone, and traveling to Brazil for work and working in a culture new to me, proved I am up for any challenge. My Goal is to help businesses be successful and recognized in their industry. I am a quick learner and motivated to be successful, and a strong asset to any project I am working on. I enjoy researching and applying what I learn.


Our Address: 2000 E. Broadway, #196 Columbia MO 65201

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