The Sooner You Know The Cost Per Customer The Better

Do you know your cost per customer?

If not…

…we can help you figure it out.

First, let’s step back and understand why you need to know this information.

Cost Per Customer

Sure it’s basic business sense, but when you know these answers you then have access to two CRITICAL pieces of information that can help you grow your business!

Did you know there’s a proven formula for acquiring your customers?

There are two formulas, one for conversion rate and another for average customer value.

#1 – The Conversion Rate, expressed as a percentage, is calculated by:

# of Purchases / Sales Page Visits

#2 – The Average Customer Value formula is:

Initial Offer Price + (Upsell 1 Price * Upsell 1 Conversion Rate) + (Upsell 2 Price * Upsell 2 Conversion Rate) = Average Customer Value (ACV)

But these formulas are worthless if you’re not producing GOOD content!

If you’ve read our other blogs, you already know that, it’s something that we’ve said over and over…

…but why?

Good content makes customers trust you and establishes you as the expert in what they need.

So back to the formula for acquiring your customers. Here it is …

Average Customer Value (ACV) / Average Visitor Value (AVV)

This is an example for you to follow…

Good content works extremely well within your social media marketing strategies because…

…it helps draw more customers to your website.

But, you cannot just post content and hope that the right people find it.

You want to advertise it to your potential customers and the numbers above let you know how much you can afford to spend!

There are some areas you can measure to see if you are drawing those customers in:

  • # of Sales Qualified Leads
  • Offer Conversion Rate
  • Promo Email Open Click-Through Rate
  • Retargeting List Growth
  • Average Customer Value
  • Retention Rate
  • Buyer Recency / Frequency


Our Marketing Strategy walks you through the process to increase your sales and the frequency in which customers return to you for more business.

How You Can Find Out Your Business Growth Potential Almost Instantly

You look forward to the day…

…your business expands, grows, revenue is up, and you have finally achieved success!

As an entrepreneur or business manager there’s so much to consider when running your business. That’s why, at intelixseo, we are giving you the Business Growth Formula – for FREE – to achieve your success.


Knowing your Business Growth Potential is essential to long-term success.


But understanding the mathematical formula is even more essential for expansion and growth.

Business Growth Potential


The formula is simple…

…step back from the day-to-day operations and look at the potential revenue each customer could generate.

→ Understanding how to optimize that revenue potential is the start for your overall business growth!

Besides the awesome formula we’re giving you, we’ve identified some other basic concepts to help you recognize your business growth potential.


Keep in mind – there are a lot of companies doing this and everyone has their own strategies, however, we found these three core strategies have had the greatest effect:

  • Increase new customers
  • increase sales amount
  • increase sales frequency


Increase New Customers

Most business owners try to attract as many customers as they can…

…but how do that they do that?

By trying to advertise louder than the next guy! This never works because people all offer the same thing (a small discount) or never set their product or service apart.

Provide your customers with VALUE upfront!

Sure… you probably talk about your products features and benefits – but what about the average day of your customer when they have your product? What about status? If you can effectively show how your product elevates your customer’s status, your number of new customers will explode!


Increase Sales Amount

Make sure your customers clearly know the value your company brings to them.


…By answering specific questions they are asking before they even find your products or services.

Your efforts should be focused on improving your customer retention by adding value to your core products or services –  which in turn increases the sales amount.

  • This can include new products that you develop, however, another successful (and incredibly profitable strategy) can be bundling your product with a suite of complimentary products.
  • This allows you to charge a premium, increasing your margin and making your customers happy by providing them with a premium solution to their original problem.


Increase Sales Frequency

Remember… that a single good customer can generate revenue multiple times.

Simply join the conversation that is going on in their head and mind already. Answer the question that your customer is asking and is valuable and specific for them.

Since the cost of acquiring a new customer has already been spent, you don’t need to try to create a new conversation with them!

These will be the cheapest sales you can make!

Offer them answers with your products or services, and get them to become a repeat customer.



Continual engagement in your customer’s conversation builds trust between you and them…

…we promise!

Once they trust you –  they will keep coming back to you for more answers, and in turn, more products or services.


If you’re serious about growing your business, take that next step and get the FORMULA, it works!

Following the formula allows you to increase your sales – and – the frequency in which customers return to you for more business.



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