Want More Customers to Your Website? Use These 5 Steps to Create a Content Marketing Plan

We get asked this question all the time…


The answer is really simple.

Content.  Content.  Content.

Get the hint?  You need good content to drive traffic to your website, and keep them coming back!

Having an audience drives revenue and the ability to advertise yourself even more.  It also frees you from being stuck with any single social media platform!

website-trafficWhile the answer, content, is simple – having the right content takes a little more thought and time.

So where should you start?

Are you ready…

…this is where we share our secrets.

You absolutely want to show your customers and potential customers that you give them VALUE in your market.

Using content to drive them to YOUR business is essential, while also helping them to understand what you offer and why you’re different.

Developing an amazing Content Marketing Plan is guaranteed to bring more traffic to your website, while making your customers aware of the value of your company, products, or services.

These 5 key goals will help you develop an UNSTOPPABLE marketing plan:

  • Website growth
  • Increase offer awareness
  • Grow retargeting lists
  • Maximize immediate customer value
  • Analytics Tracking

The more content you publish about your products, services, or company, the more you make the public, and more importantly search engines, aware about you.

Website Growth

Without content you won’t’ have anyone looking at your website, and without website traffic, you don’t have sales and revenue.

Some things to think about when creating your content are:

  • a good statement about your company’s value – (Statement of Value)
  • what you do for your customers
  • what you want your customers to do
  • …and a clear call to action for them

Keep your information in front of your customers and potential customers.

Increase Your Offer Awareness

Find out what your potential customers want and are talking about.  Then offer your products or services as the solution to their problem.

What complimentary product or service do your customers enjoy?

Too expensive to develop?  Approach someone in that space and ask about a joint venture – everyone makes money and your customers are happy!

Continual engagement in your customer’s conversation builds trust between you and them.

CONTENT is the foundation of building that trust.

Now that you are writing good content…

…take full advantage of it.

Grow Retargeting Lists

Content-MarketingYou always want to bring people back to YOUR information.

With content, you can follow up with your customers and make them an offer they can’t resist.  This is done because they have already visited your website…

…and now you’re simply bringing them back into an offer.

Maximize Your Immediate Customer Value

Consistently ADD VALUE for your customers.  This will encourage them to respond to your call to action, converting to revenue.   

Do you know what other conversations your customers are having about your market space?

Did you know that survivalists also have a significant interest in sewing?  What’s the “sewing” conversation of your niche?

Find that conversation and watch the value you bring to your customers EXPLODE! 

Not sure how to find those conversations?  Read this!

Then you can gear your content toward those people…

…as if you were sitting across from them.

Want help?  We’d love to talk to you!

Analytics Tracking

If you can’t measure your efforts, NONE OF THIS MATTERS.

In order to grow your revenue, you need to see what’s working and what’s not.

There are several metrics you can analyze to see if your Content Marketing Plan is doing the job you want, but the key ones are:

  • Email list growth
  • Conversion rate
  • Retarget lists
  • Brand expansion

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