Social Media Marketing Is Key To Growing A Company’s Website and Business In 2015

Social media marketing is key to growing a company’s website and business in 2015 because of the incredible power it has to reach and connect with customers worldwide.  In simple terms, social media marketing is changing the way companies market themselves online to gain more customers.  Intelixseo helps get companies known utilizing social media marketing.  They have expertise with social media strategies to specifically promote companies and get them a presence on the internet so they can promote their products widely throughout the internet.  Their marketing strategies are customizable to fit a company’s need, because Intelixseo knows that not all companies operate their business the same way.

Social Media Plan

Every social media plan Intelixseo develops, clearly defines the company’s goals and objectives, and are geared and setup so the company promotes their products or services and gains new customers. The company can be small, medium, large, and it does not matter how simplistic or elaborate the strategy is, the result is the same:  promote the company on the internet. Even if a company already has a website, they can still gain recognition of the website and utilize the benefits social media marketing has, because who wouldn’t like to be advertised or branded more on the internet and distributed among social networks?

Social network advertising or social media marketing are not just buzzwords in today’s advertising market, it has been established, demonstrated, and proven to work.  These are just some of the top benefits Social Media Marketing brings a company are:

  • “Word of Mouth” marketing is incredibly powerful, and social media marketing enhances it greatly
  • Helps companies appear more professional
  • Allows customers to share positive experiences about their business
  • When used correctly, can be an incredible way to convey a message to customers

Intelixseo – Social media marketing strategies work

It helps draw more customers to a company’s website.  One of the social strategies Intelixseo utilizes is Facebook and Twitter.  They feel it is important to incorporate those social forums for companies not only to advertise to their customers their promotions, but the social platforms gives customers the ability to connect instantly with their friends while standing at their favorite place of business.  This social strategy is further essential to use Facebook and Twitter since those are typically the social mediums where most customers discuss what they like and what is trending. It also helps companies stay connected with their customers.  When companies connect with their customers, those customers can also share and “like” the company with their friends.  Another key social strategy are videos.  For customers who are visual and like to learn about a company watching a video, Intelixseo can create fun, artistic, and informative videos. The video can then be put on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, or any other social forum they have.

If a company wants to grow their business presence on the internet, Intelixseo can create them a customized online social media marketing strategy to help them stay connected with their customers, and draw more traffic to their website.

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Bonnie Jo is a Media Content Manager with intelixseo, managing intelixseo’s blog, search, and social media departments. She works directly with Presidents, CEOs, COOs, to Marketing Directors, to align company marketing initiatives, material and scheduling into a seamless course of events. She likes to bring awareness for companies by identifying marketing needs, and then proposing new ways to leverage digital and social media tools. Bonnie Jo also enjoys traveling with her husband, exploring the country and learning and sharing new experiences. She has a Master Degree in Business (MBA), and worked with IBM for over 20-years managing diverse groups and customers.


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